Thursday, October 8, 2009

2/10/ sch celebrate mooncake festival..

quite fun..tis is d first time our sch make tis there is a upacara lighting candle..

when lighting d candle,i saw a white tings standing at d back 4.6 door ..but there very dark..

then i kip see tat tings..i din wear spec..but stil can see the white tings..

then i tell them~~~


..haiz~~scary..zoe say is 'sister'..own man~~ wat the...

Saturday, October 3, 2009

siew ting birthday card

jr birthday card

siew ting

tat pic a bit 走形d..ha..siew ting..锈丁..she very scare cute animal..em..actually she scare a lot of tings in a very fast speed..haha~~oso a very sampat ppl..a pro singer..sometimes gt bit幼稚举动oso..ya..a childish ppl..she always care a lot of doesnt mean 细心ya..^^..a talkative ppl when she 不爽someone or sometings,she wil have a poker face..( ~~Mum mum mum mah~~Can't read myCan't read myNo he can't read my poker face~~) *3*..


xiao xian..koxixi 豆0..she like to take very scary ppl..i mean sometimes..when she angry tat wil b very scary..most weird ppl among 6 of us gua i tink..always kip 心事in her heart n dun tell us or else she wil tell others..sometimes she wil sot sot n sampat oso..juz sometimes..i tink she gt lot of secret tat we dont know lo..haha~~when she hating someone,tat ppl sure very better dun 得罪her..she is fierce oso..haha..

Me..en zuo

me...they call me cocoduck sometimes..*3*..pretty cool right??haha!!duno how describe myself..ppl know me wil know how to describe i tink..^^

xue man

killer~~xueman吞吞..she said she wan to be a killer..haha..always read 小说..exam coming stil kip read小说..n always dun go tuition..they say she always in状况外 have lot idea oso..n she oso sot sot n sometimes blur blur..when she very 专心 doing sometings (except doing homework) she cant hear wat ppl said..tats y she said she wan to be a killer..she very like mushroom..

shea dee

wan wan's super FANs shea dee..ppl call her neh neh..血奶..her hair always very 'neat'..*3* always say she very 单纯..em..i mean 单蠢 bit sot same wit jr~~like to laugh louder louder..n...sampat sampat..most clever among of us..i mean study..haha!!n feel tat sometimes she is very 激动..she gt a pair of sexy 'big' eyes..haha..she din have lot of idea sometimes~~n she kip bag when pn ima teaching finally...hahaha!!!she super likes wan wan..n she is a伟大画家 oso..

jie rou

<<~~~~自称脸部肌肉下垂的jie洁头..haha..she likes to laugh louder when she is angry she wil 瞪ppl..a very scary ~woman~..a ppl tat love dao sao n aunty lucy very very much..n she always said tat wan diet but nw stil d same body size..haha~~always gt lot tings to talk..em..i tink she is most mature among 6 of us ba..

my frenz~~

wahaha!!!4.4 always rock!!


is juz a birthday present..i mean for nw is meaningless d..i mean for me..*3*