Saturday, January 16, 2010

ppl tat care~~family,friend,lover poor lousy english..hope u all can know wat i mean..*3*

we can choose to love or hurt ppl~~bt dun love someone who hurt u,dun hurt someone who love u..& let off someone who love u,catch up someone who u love..coz when we ar being hurt,its pain a lot & there would b a deep wound in d wil kip bleeding n its hard to recover~~

give ur heart to someone tat u love,cheerish d heart of someone tat u care..use ur heart to look into their heart & try to know wat they ar tinking..

sometimes we wil b more happy to be alone..there's no nid anytings nid to worried bout everyting such as argue...for me,atleast we wil b more freedom to b alone~~FREEDOM IS ROCK!! i'm lovin' it~~